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At Lombardo Homes & Estates, we understand that time is money, and every day that passes without a sold home is less money in your pocket. As former investors, we know the needs of investors inside and out when selling or buying homes. We provide exceptional services to maintain your property; saving you time, money and energy to focus your efforts on getting your home sold right away.

Understanding the Real Estate Market

According to the National Association of Realtors:

If a house is priced correctly - one in every seven showings should receive an offer. In a typical market, Lombardo Homes & Estates will receive one or two showings a week.

If your house is not being shown - it means the asking price is too high for the neighborhood. In this case, a major price adjustment is recommended.

If your house is being shown — but no offers have been made — it means that buyers are finding better deals for the same price. A moderate price adjustment is recommended in this case.

If your house has a lot of activity, but the buyers choose another property— a minor price adjustment is recommended.

Our Plan of Action

Industry-Leading Real Estate Marketing

As a former investor, Joseph Lombardo used his professional experience to develop an effective marketing strategy that gets homes sold as quickly as possible. Utilizing a balance of technology, marketing and personal maintenance services, Lombardo Homes & Estates maximizes the exposure of your property on the most popular websites and search engines.

We’ll Maintain Your Home for Free
  • Provide free winterization and un-winterization for homes
  • Free MLS advertising for all buyers and realtors to see
  • Free landscaping services
  • Free minor home renovation
  • Order professional photos, virtual tour, and aerial videography
  • Free home warranty that transfers to the next buyer
  • Place a basket of shoe covers in the home to protect your floors
  • Place a “For Sale” yard sign with a 24-hour hotline providing info.
  • Place a lock box on your door for our agents to show while you are out
  • Assist and advise repair work, furniture placement, and staging of the home

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